Frequently Asked Questions

These questions mainly concern actor headshot shoots - if you are having a corporate or personal branding shoot we’ll cover all of this and more whilst in the process of planning your bespoke shoot.

Where will we shoot?

I'm based in Bedford, but I have quick and easy access to London and shoot there for nearly all my headshot shoots. To keep things relaxed, I shoot on location with natural light. This can be outdoors in an open space (I have a few favourites I frequently shoot at), indoors at your home or in a place you have access to such as a drama school. The choice is up to you! All I ask is that if we are shooting indoors, we have access to a nice big window, and lots of natural light for the best results possible. We can also shoot in and around my home in Bedford if you wish (roughly 40 mins by train from St Pancras International, and I’d be happy to pick you up and drop you off at the station!)

What should I bring?

I always recommend that you bring a few changes of clothes so that we have multiple options to work with and to add a bit of variety to your images. Plain, non-patterned tops work best and neutral colours such as grey, white or black are a great place to start. If you'd like to inject a bit of colour in to your images with a coloured top, feel free to bring some brighter options too! The only thing I really advise against are patterned tops as they draw attention away from the face.

What happens on the shoot?

Once we have met up, we'll chat for a bit and go over the clothing options you have brought with you and discuss any wishes, ideas or concerns you have for your shoot. We'll then get started and shoot away! I'll frequently keep you posted with how your headshots are looking in-camera as we go along, and we'll shoot and change looks until you are happy that we've shot a great selection to make your choices from. It's best to book in a minimum of 1 hour of your time, and expect to shoot for an average of 2 hours (but if you need longer that is no problem - we shoot until you are happy!)

What happens after the shoot?

Within two days of your shoot, I'll send you a personal online gallery from which you can choose your favourite images of the day. Take as much time as you need to choose your favourites and once you have settled on them, email me the file numbers and I will return your edited, finished headshots to you via online transfer within 7 days. You are also welcome to share your proofs with anyone whose opinion you value such as an agent.

How do I pay?

I accept BACS (online bank transfer), credit/debit card or cash on the run up to or on the day of your shoot. For your records and tax purposes, I also send out a PDF invoice/receipt as standard alongside your proof gallery.

Got a question I've not answered here? No problem! Drop me an email at cat [at] and I will get back to you within 24 hours.